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UAE Technician provides repairs and replacement of a low-cost, low-cost Acer laptop screen replacement with timely delivery time in our portable repair shop located in Dubai, UAE.

If your laptop has cracked LCD screen, the colors do not show up properly if you have a flickering screen, if the pixels on your laptop screen are not working, it means there is a problem.

Our Acer repair Dubai service technicians will be delighted to provide fast repair Acer  laptop screen replacement. Many times we can repair portable screens the same day they enter our store, also because we are used to replacing high numbers of LCD parts and laptop spare parts. If we do not have the stock screen for the portable model, then we will be able to repair or replace your laptop screen from 1 to 3-4 days.

When an Acer laptop needs to be Acer laptop screen replacement & repair

  • Cracked LCD screen.
  • Backlight problems.
  • Pixels not working.
  • Lines on the screen.
  • Liquid or impact damage.

UAE Technician screen Replacement and Replacement of Acer Laptop Screen

Our company has certified technicians who will be able to repair your portable LCD screen, even if you do not know the exact problem. Our technicians, who have more than ten-year experience in this industry, will be able to detect and complete laptop screen repairs. If we cannot repair your laptop screen, our experts will be able to customize for you an LCD screen replacement.



  • All models of laptop screens repaired or replaced
  • UAE Technician has technicians with more than 10 years of experience in repairing laptop LCD screen
  • Call for UAE Technician at help number 0557503724 at this time for a free consultation without obligation and for a quote.
  • LCD Replacement Prices for Laptop Replacement and Repair

The price of repairing and replacing the laptop screen depends on every single case. Call our technicians at 0557503724 for a more competitive price or for more details contact us by completing the form on our website.