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Laser Printer, Impact, Matrix, Thermal

UAE Technician on all professional printers whatever the brand (HP, Lexmark, Epson, Canon, IBM, Kyocera, Oki …) and whatever its technology (laser, inkjet, from A3, impact, thermal …) . Ask a specialist for your printer Repair.

If your printers have worries paper feed, the need to change the maintenance kit or a major failure, we act the day after your call @ 0557503724. All our printer repairs are guaranteed for 6 months. We stock mostly kind of spare parts to intervene in the shortest time.

Our printer repair quotes are completely free:

Contact us @ 0557503724.


The procedure for requesting a printer repair is simple:

  • You contact our technical department who makes a diagnosis over the telephone
  • We repairer the repair and we send you a quote accordingly
  • Upon your agreement, we intervene under 24-48h
  • The technician repairs your printer, changes the parts, performs a complete overhaul


UAE Technician has in stock and permanently, from a large number of spare parts for the repair and maintenance of your printers. If we do not have the part to repair your printer, we order it from wholesalers or from the manufacturer directly. Our spare parts are 100% original manufacturer and totally guaranteed.

We are defective or worn parts are recycled or refurbished in an effort to minimize the impact on the environment. In addition, we make sure to only replace defective parts for repairing your printers.

In addition to our expertise, UAETECHNICIAN technicians work on all brands of printers (Lexmark, Canon, IBM, Oki, HP, Epson, Brother, Samsung, Kyocera …) ink, thermal …). Who better than a professional for a printer repair in all our Dubai?

If it is true that some small bugs can be corrected simply (trace of ink on the paper for example), others require the intervention of an expert. This is especially the case when the parts of the printer are at the end of life. Of course, you may need expert maintenance for smaller failures such as a recurring paper jam or network or Wi-Fi malfunction. Our service technicians are also at your disposal to give you advice on buying a new product! Make your request for a quotation, it’s free!

Printer repair and troubleshooting:-

UAE Technician regularly printer is ensuring a long life for professional tool. The various parts being heavily loaded, it is not harmless that one beautiful morning, she decides not to respond to your orders. No need to invest in a new machine! In one case out of five, it is simply the wear of a part. It may also be a correction for smaller, more basic faults.

Our Printer repair work on all types of breakdowns

  • Changing the maintenance kit,
  • Non-compliant printer driver,
  • Frequent paper jam,
  • Poor quality printing,
  • Printing of abnormal characters.
  • Wi-Fi not recognized,
  • Blocking the computer during printing,
  • Power problem,
  • Changing the laser head.

Since each situation is different, it is necessary to approach a technician to locate the source of the breakdown.

Method of intervention

Coincident a failure of printers may damage the operation of the company; Print Value chose to be by your side ensuring rapid troubleshooting, but efficient. The typical schematic of the procedure for an on-site intervention is as follows:

printer repairThe customer makes contact for repair service by telephone. The communication allows the technician to take note of the breakdown and to make a diagnosis,

The technician encrypts the intervention (it is the estimate) that it transmits to the client. The estimate includes labor, moving as the part to be changed,

The customer agrees or refuses,

In case of acceptance, the contract is concluded. The technician moves the day after the agreement, with the necessary parts to correct the breakdown.

To enable rapid intervention, our company has a stock of more than 2500 spare parts in the most common brands (and for all technologies [laser, inkjet …]. Print Value makes every effort to reduce the time required to intervene. The customer will be informed of the date of maintenance before the technician’s visit.

Customer satisfaction is an important criterion for us. Therefore, it should be noted that all repairs are warranted for 3 months. Keep your bill! The warranty covers only parts that have been changed by us.

Need a service technician for your printer? UAE Technician expert work in UAE. Get your printer expert!

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