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One of the world’s leading sellers of laptops and desktops is Hewlett Packard. From its beginnings until now it has launched to the market novel products and always with the latest technology.

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How long does it take to HP laptop repair services?

Often our customers ask us the length of the repair, since the equipment is the working tool for many, therefore they need to have it, as soon as possible and with a perfect service. To guarantee a fast and comfortable service we always have stock of all the spare parts of your laptop.

It should be noted that the spare parts used in our workshops are always original or otherwise always inform the customer, as in the case of the iPhone  screen change, since some spare parts used are fully compatible, which makes it possible to give the same warranty and repair service for three months and be sure that the component used will not give problems by being compatible or a secondary mark.

Why can you trust on UAE Technician HP laptop repair services?

We have authorized repair service provider who have the most parts and spare parts so we can repair your HP laptop. As inverters, screens, motherboards, fans, hard drive, etc. All accessories that are necessary so that in a short time you have your Hp laptop repaired and in good condition.

hp laptop repair servicesWe have a service and support team that specializes in HP notebook computers that will solve any problems that your laptop presents.

We solve any problem that your HP laptop computer has, whether it is a software problem (Windows Errors, Virus and Trojans, configure email, etc.) or hardware (Do not turn on the HP laptop, overheating, graphic chip failure, hard disk failure, water damage etc).

We sell spare parts on demand for your HP laptop, such as memory, battery or laptop charger, fan, replacement LCD screen, floppy drive, CD-ROM, DVD, CDRW, keyboard, or anything else we can supply it at unbeatable prices.

An additional service we are offering is to repair the HP Notebook Power Connectors. It is a fast, efficient, and hard-to-find service at HP, so we are leaders in HP laptop repair.

The main repairs we make to HP portable hardware are:

  • Repair of HP laptop motherboards.
  • Repair laptop graphics card or HP laptop GPU.
  • Internal cleaning of HP notebook fans and coolers.
  • Repairing the HP Notebook PCB Power Connector.
  • Repair of TFT and LED screens of any size and replacement of internal fluorescents.
  • Repair of the hinges that hold the screens.
  • Repair of inverters.
  • Replacement or expansion of hard disk, memory, processor …
  • Repair of keyboards and replacement of keyboards.
  • Repair or replacement of fans.
  • Optical drive replacement (DVD + CDRW, DVD-RW and Blue-ray).
  • Elimination of viruses, Trojans, spyware and malware.

All repairs we make are warranted.  HP Notebook Repair Rates.

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Our technical service will make a completely free and uncommitted pre-quote for your HP laptop. If the budget we make does not satisfy you, you will not have to pay anything.

Official Hp laptop repair service in Dubai

Often the small obstacle that the user encounters when processing the warranty of his equipment is the lack of means to communicate with the manufacturer or the uncertainty regarding red tape is concerned. The following is the address and telephone number of the official Hp service so that you can do the process yourself and be sure that your equipment will be repaired and delivered to your home at no cost or surprise.

Repair Hp laptop and computer in Dubai (With us): F1 SYSTEMS LLC, Address: Box No. 125076, Dubai, Emirates. 0557503724

Hp laptop repair assistance in Dubai: –

In UAE Technician, in order to improve communication between the user and manufacturer, we offer pickup service, shipping and delivery to users of all brands. Thus we provide a convenient and reliable customer service, delivering us the equipment in our physical store in Dubai and we take care of all much red tape as technicians when having an incident SAT for lack of any documentation, computer data loss, damage out of warranty or any other matter.

If you do not have collateral or that it does not cover the type of failure for reasons such as misuse by the customer for blow, fall, moisture detection or any other reasons that the manufacturer does not perform repairs on your premises, has the opportunity to carry out the repair in our own technical services of Dubai.

For more information you can visit us on the Box No. 125076, Dubai, Emirates or by calling 0557503724 and inform any other questions you may have or help you need.