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  • Acer Computer & Laptop repair in Dubai
  • Acer technical service for desktops and laptops
  • Repair of motherboards Acer
  • Reballing of GPU motherboards and North Bridge
  • Repair and replacement of Acer screens
  • Accessories, DVD, readers, Acer chargers

UAE Technician – Acer Computer & laptop repair services in Dubai

UAE Technician – Acer Computer & laptop repair services in Dubai. Today in the world the Acer brand has reached a recognized place in the computer market for its great features and technological breakthrough associated with its products, among which notebooks, desktop computers, servers, monitors, tables and other peripherals, to which have been granted since its inception, an excellent reputation in Dubai, UAE.

acer repairDue to the great development achieved by Acer computer & laptops repair, as well as its wide deployment in the international market and mainly in UAE, UAETECHNICIAN, based in Dubai, has focused on providing the best solution to their problems through a qualified service and guarantees to its products, in the area of ​​repair services.

That is why our team of technicians has specialized and currently specializes in the repair and support of this Acer brand of computer & laptops, always providing the best solutions to their products and using the original spare parts and accessories for the equipment of this brand.

Mainly Acer computer & laptop repair services: –

Among the main services we offer are: repair and replacement of motherboards and screens, DC connectors, reballing to integrated and graphic chips, BIOS update, drivers and other software, in addition to the installation of the operating system of your choice, whether this Windows , Linux or Mac OS X. All these services are performed in our workshop, but we also provide repair services and advice in the customer’s own home and office, always ensuring the quality and professionalism in the provision of the same.

UAE Technician use the most modern technologies and tools:

In carrying out our repair and maintenance work UAE Technician use the most modern technologies and tools, always guaranteeing the full security and integrity of your Acer computer & laptop. That is why we can ensure that your Acer notebook will be in the best hands of all Dubai. We also have the best rates in Dubai, also offering many options for making payments.

To provide the best services to laptops, desktop computers and other accessories throughout Dubai in the shortest possible time and with due guarantees, our technicians are updated of the different technological advances of Acer and other brands of laptops through the participation of the same in different technical training courses, guaranteeing in this way an optimal, profitable and lasting repair to their equipment.

UAE Technician Acer computer & laptop repair services aim: –

Our solutions are aimed at all types of customers, whether simple users or companies and larger entities that require specialized technical support. For all of the above, we have secured a prestigious position in the repair services of Acer and other brands in Dubai, always being our goal the full satisfaction of the customer before the service rendered, in order to become in this way the best services of Dubai to their computer & laptops.