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If you are looking for a way to recover data from a memory card, UAE Technician memory Card data Recovery Dubai can help you! The technology behind you is a memory card and flash memory, which in terms of data recovery is not a simple matter. It is a mobile device that we can insert inside of photo camera cell phone.

The case today: How to Memory card data recovery from an unreadable memory card

What happened to the memory card of our customer? The answers may be more than one, and before a diagnosis, we cannot improvise hypotheses.

Diagnosis for data recovery from the memory card has shown an electrical problem, probably caused by a voltage swing, which are particularly sensitive to mobile devices such as memory cards, which are often plugged in and turned off in reading devices without any attention by the user. Depending on the use, there are various models of varying sizes, with specific technical features and different interfaces. Depending on the model, specific technical operations will start, but united with the flash technology that is at its core.

The specific case of today was one8GB Kingston Memory Card, one of the most commonly used in both telephony and home cameras.

The flash technology of a memory card and the retrieval of data from flash memory:

As we said, memory cards are based on flash technology, which is a type of non-volatile solid state memory that, given the performance, can be used for reading and writing. The advantage of memory based on this technology is indeed the speed of performance.

memory card data recoveryWhen retrieving data from memory cards, the technical process is very complex because it is necessary to read and interpret each individual chip of the device’s electronic card; the most complex phase is certainly the one that involves the algorithm that is the basis of the technical operation of the memory, and which, when retrieving data from the memory card, is analyzed to understand how to write and read the files.

It is of paramount importance to have the skills and technical knowledge to be successful in recovering data from the memory card without exposing any data or device compromise.

Appropriate instruments are required to operate on memory cards, read-only tools created specifically to interpret the data stream contained in the memory card and to extract the data retrieved from it.

Main memory card manufacturers from which we can retrieve data:

  • Kingston
  • Sony
  • SanDisk
  • Samsung

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