computer repairCall us @ 0557503724 for Computer repair services in Dubai:

Changing broken or defective components:

Power supply, memory modules, graphics cards, hard disk, motherboards, laptop screen … We have a comfortable stock of spare parts. In case we do not have the part to change in our reserves, our suppliers can deliver us in 24 hours. So we are providing fast computer repair services in Dubai by our skilled and certified technician.

Hard Drive Repair and Data Recovery:

Computer repairRepairing a first-level hard disk *, or, failing that, recovering your data: The hard disk of your computer has suffered physical damage due to its age, shock, thunderstorm or current. System files or certain sectors of the disk are damaged, making the disk inaccessible or unreadable. The technician recovers or repairs these defective sectors.

You can usually restart the hard drive. If this is not the case the technician tries to recover your personal data in order to return them to you. If hard disk is broken and unrecoverable, we recommend changing disk and reinstall the system.

* When a hard disk has suffered physical damage, it is necessary to go through specialized data recovery laboratories.

Computer Repair, System Recovery:

System Restore (Re-Install): Your computer has suffered system damage as a result of a “crash” or viral infection. System files are corrupted and the computer is unstable or no longer booting. The UAE Technician performs a repair, reinstallation or restoration of your system.

If you do not back up your data, the technician will back up your data to an external medium.

Virus eradication and system cleanup:

Spyware, malware, key logger, Trojan, backdoor, rogue … The vocabulary is rich because long is the list of malicious software. A thorough cleaning of the system allows your machine to regain stability and performance.

Laptop Repair

We are also providing laptop repair services in Dubai. When fault diagnosis requires of your laptop, then call us @ 0557503724 for getting services by our skilled and professional technician team who are specialized in the any kind of troubleshooting or repairing laptop & computer.