Computer RepairCall us at 0557503724 for Computer repair services in Dubai, UAE

Click on UAE Technician, an IT consultancy firm with over 10 years of experience in the field, offers a reliable and fast computer repair service in its in-house UAE Technician workshop and in collaboration with qualified external partners.

Upon request also at the Client’s office.

Computer Repair for Businesses

We can assist you with a wide range of products

  • Network Servers (LANs) of the major brands on the market.
  • PC Client of any manufacturer.
  • Laptops and Ultrabooks.
  • Replacement and / or installation of additional cooling fans.
  • Monitors in all types.
  • Televisions of any format in Plasma, LCD and LED technology.
  • Printers and Multifunction Laser and Inkjet.
  • Plotters of any size, even at the Customer’s location.
  • Graphic tablets, keyboards and mice.
  • Fax Receiving Devices.
  • Video projectors and lightboards.
  • Storage devices, internal and external hard disks with USB interface, NAS drives, DVD and CD optical readers.
  • In collaboration with Leader Enterprise European Data Recovery from any magnetic media.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of generic printing peripherals.
  • Internal Servicing and Cleaning, Servers, PC Clients, Laptops.
  • We also provide original and regenerated toners for any printing device.



For damages occurring in the presence of abnormal electrical (electrical stoppages) phenomena, we provide the Customer with a detailed technical report to be sent to their insurance in order to obtain compensation for the damage suffered.

It is then our responsibility to evaluate the repair of your product or to install a new component at a preferential price, or the complete replacement of the damaged product.

For our technical assistance and / or extension of personal computers and laptops, we mainly use the following components:


RAM Memory Modules in various types, guaranteed for life


Internal hard disks in various typologies and capabilities


Hard-Disk Internal SSD (Solid State Drive)


Main-Board, Video Cards, and Miscellaneous Add-on Cards