Asus laptop screen replacementCall us @ 0557503724 for Asus laptop screen replacement and repair services in Dubai

Specialists in the repair of laptops, we know how to repair all the breakdowns or breakages of your laptop.

Coffee or any liquid spilled on the keyboard to the laptop that no longer starts through the broken screen, we have a solution to offer.

  • 24*7 hours service available
  • Repair all makes and models
  • Immediate support for your PC without an appointment
  • More than 10 years of experience at your service

The notebook PC repair specialist in Dubai

Do not wait, serious, efficient and guaranteed services.

Express Service

We usually repair your equipment during the day. We also work at home under 48H.

Warranty 3 month of repairs part

The products and services we sell come with a 3 month warranty on parts and labor.

Come without an appointment

Come right now! We welcome you every time without interruption.

We are listening to you

We offer you clear and precise explanations, without knocking you out of technical words.

All your parts in stock

We have a stock of spare parts: original chargers screen…

On-site repair

Your computer will be repaired in our shop. We guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of your device and its data.

You broke the screen of your laptop? Asus laptop screen replacement specialist in Dubai

We can replace your screen very stiffly in our Dubai lab and without an appointment. Whether to change a broken screen or to change the finish of the screen (matte or gloss) we have the solution.

  • Fast delivery, less than 30 minutes
  • Many screens in stock
  • Screen change broken
  • Change to switch to a matte or glossy display


Laptop PC keyboard change

Spilled liquid, torn key…

We can replace the keyboard of your laptop the same if you have damaged it.

We can also change it to another language. (Purchase abroad, alphabet / specific provision)

  • Fast delivery, usually less than 30 minutes
  • Builder keypad
  • Repair all brands

Change the power connector of your pc.

Your mobile is no longer charging?

If your mobile phone no longer charges or if there is bad contact we can replace the power connector on your mobile phone.

We will carry out free of charge dusting of your computer.

  • Diagnosis and disassembly of the laptop
  • Welding a new connector
  • Dusting your free laptop
  • Reassembly and test of the laptop

Have your laptop cleaned

If your pc heats up or cuts itself off abruptly

We can clean your phone if it heats up abnormally, cuts itself or makes a deafening noise.

We recommend that you do this cleaning every two or three years for the good health of your laptop.

Too high a temperature can significantly reduce the life of the components.

  • Test and dismount your mobile
  • Dusting and fan replacement (if necessary)
  • Reassembly and test of the laptop
  • Benefit realized during the day